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Kristin Yetter


Kristin is a self proclaimed smoother and not in the "I want to mediate conflict" way. Be it folding laundry, raking, ironing, roguing corn fields or polishing rocks, she loves the sensation of creating a smooth surface. A super driven personality, Kristin can show you that it is OK to be in a continuous state of personal reinvention. 

"What is the worst thing that can happen to you?" And, "you never know who you might meet that will change your life and vice versa" are mantras that inspire Kristin to pursue adventure and mastery. Turn over that ugly rock, you might just find a beautiful and elegantly smooth way of being.

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I co-created Raindrop that...whatever the reason was and is :).

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My Artistry

Being here is my artistry. I recreate and re-create.


My Cause

Everyone has the right to realize themselves as free. You are free. You are free. You are free.

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