Become an Investor and feed an Artist



Meet Our Investors

Raindrop Investors are our heroes. They are living the lifestyle they desire and commit to providing energy, inspiration, and enthusiasm to Raindrop Artists, as they understand the inspiration behind Raindrop Inc is to show creative people and service-based business owners an alternative way to experience financial gain for his/her well-being and success while she offers her purest and truest form of service. A Raindrop Investor is a wholesale customer who is inspired to change his or her life and the lives of those she/he loves with dōTERRA’s CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils and products. Through the monthly purchase of dōTERRA’s products for their own personal use, Raindrop Investor's are the "bread and butter" of our community. In return they have full access to the Raindrop Community and an option to earn 10%-30% of his/her purchase back in free product. Investors do not earn bonuses or compensation with dōTERRA.

Become an Investor and feed an Artist

Jennifer Borsos


Raindrop celebrates Jenni as the first Raindrop Investor. We match her commitment by supporting her to further her vision of a world filled with women who know their value, their beauty and deep inner peace. 

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