Become an Investor and feed an Artist

You are invited to come, sit by our fire and hear the story of OUR Unprograming Journey. 

What is Unprogramming?

As a society, we are conditioned to believe certain things about who we are, what success looks like and how we should live our lives. We have agreed to cultural constructs about money, wealth, career, productivity, health, appearance and relationships. We identify with aspects of these collective agreements and this identification influences our behavior, the situations we encounter, and the people with whom we surround ourselves.

To make shift happen, we need to peel back this surface layer of conditioning that can obscure our true self from fully expressing our unique creative force. Unprogramming is the term we use for erasing this veil and giving ourselves permission to peer behind it.

Unprogramming empowers us to push aside who we think we should be, what we think we should do, have, want and how we think we should act. We create a window to our own true knowing and we give ourselves permission to reveal our truth to ourselves and others.

During our own Unprogramming Journey,

we were forced to confront our limiting beliefs around money, financial freedom and the creation of a sustainable and successful business model.  

Unprogramming requires an openness to a new way of being and doing. You will challenge even the most basic assumptions in order to expand. Our expansion was born out of the same and sometimes uncomfortable process.  It took some divine intervention. Here is a snippet of our Excursion into the unknown...

Meet Raindrop Incorporated
A unique and powerful
business partnership and community


Yes, we were stuck but chance encounters, allowing and not forcing, and subtly challenging all of our assumptions carried us to a solution.

We don’t want your money. We want to feel your fire, your passion, your Life energy and we will exchange ours in return.

We really don’t want you to pay us. We really don’t want to provide you a service in exchange for money. We want to have a stake in your inspiration because we love the energy exchanged when you are on fire, wholly inspired and ready to seize the moment. We want you to feel that same thing mirrored back to you by us.

We want to create an entire community where people can share this
motivating force and know that through our individual
endeavors in a collective agreement, with collective support,
we can change the world.


Your inspiration need not be my inspiration. There are no inspirations better or more worthy than another’s (Kristin likes to polish rocks, write software code and recreate. Deb likes to play with her horse, coach and create art for no one other than herself).

What do you love to do? It could be one thing, a variety of things or just simply being -- being unafraid, in truth and in love.

So we threw out the pay-for-service model and infused our offerings with an investment plan. Now we are here. When you join Raindrop Inc as an Artist, you will make both an energetic and a monetary investment but you do not pay us. We have woven the payout structure of a multi-level marketing company into an online learning and teaching platform where artists can freely share and teach their artistry. 

You "pay" to learn from a soulicious community of artists by enrolling in dōTERRA and buying products you will use and enjoy. As Raindrop Inc grows your monthly purchase commitment stays the same. We are in this together and Raindrop Artists, Investors and Members get us all -- at a fraction of the cost for any one of our services, and the value will multiply with each and every enrollment. That is serious value appreciation for the greater good of all. You are signing up for a whole new way of being… in financial freedom, in community and in inspiration.

Your energetic investment is in yourself and sharing this opportunity with others. Like us, you can choose to teach what we know and love through the online learning and teaching platform. Or maybe you do not yet have a service or artistry to offer but you may be good at articulating the opportunity and inspired to help others or holding others powerful and accountable to their artistry. The fact is the potential of this opportunity is priceless. We trust you will find your niche in ways to contribute to Raindrop Inc. For most it will be freely sharing and teaching what they love with the Raindrop community and trusting for 3 serendipitous encounters with those who are seeking the same. That is all it takes. Feel the splash? Feel the ripple?

Can what you love to do really pay the bills?

My artistry is coaching others. I have been a life fulfillment coach for more than 10 years both in and out of corporate America. I have coached individuals, business owners and corporate executives from the auspices of my own business and I have coached employees of corporations while I was an employee myself.

My freelance coaching is valued up to $400 per hour but as a salaried employee, I got to coach for free. I coached people from all walks of life, high and low and in between regardless of one’s ability to pay me by the hour. I loved that gig. There was a freedom in allowing clients to find me free of the subtle anxiety associated with the exchange of money. It gave me a glimpse of how it might be and feel to power my talent from a place of higher calling. The reality was that the corporation was paying me and there was an unspoken expectation that they might not like my methods -- and they didn’t. But I still experienced an amazing journey of empowerment for myself and others.

What I learned is that my corporate-sponsored clients, free from the bonds of money, exchanged an energy that was at a much higher vibration than money. I never invoiced anyone for my coaching while on the job, but I did not offer my services for free either. My clients were exchanging their life energy for my coaching and transforming their lives at a faster rate than those who paid $400/hour. WTH?! To this day, I seek this synergy.

For Kristin, she recreated herself after her corporate career and finds creative expression through teaching herself new things -- from software design to rock polishing. Neither are self-sustaining because, frankly, they are hobbies born from the freedom to pursue the calling of the moment. She doesn’t consider herself credentialed in either. Besides, she may decide she suddenly needs to express herself in something different.

Kristin and I are seeking those who are seeking us. We have shed limiting-beliefs about how and what things should be. We agree that we are not in agreement with conventional marketing schemes. They feel icky; the “sales funnel” feels like manipulation. The energy created from attracting clients from this place, is too low density for us to create from our genius. For us to provide our highest level of service, we must feel the inspiration freely flowing at the pace of love. So here we are.


The right perspective makes the impossible possible! 

How long does it take to shift? An instant. It’s the setting up for the shift and creating the space for awareness of a new perspective that takes as long as it takes.

After much avoidance (as we have our own biases with Multi-Level Marketing), we discovered that by incorporating the payout infrastructure of a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company like dōTERRA and finding like-minded investors, we could infuse our businesses and all who can commit to a similar energetic investment with a source of financial freedom. And I mean gangster money.


Behold We Make All Things New meets Multi-Level-Marketing.
A.K.A Network Marketing

But Network Marketing?!
Are you kidding?!

Ok, like my corporate experience I have also had an incongruous relationship with the Network Marketing industry – and I tried a number of them. There were a couple of companies that I experienced various levels of success but mostly not. I still stumble onto a product here and there, tucked away at the back of my closet, purchased from the 10 or so companies I enrolled in as a distributor over the years: Arbonne, NextFit, Talk Fusion, ViSalus, eFoods, Nerium, Isagenix, Seacret, Rippln, ViSi to name a few. Each enrollment was packaged with hope and good intentions yet accumulated nothing more than product, shame and loss of faith in the industry.

It wasn’t the companies and it isn’t a scam. I know people personally who make an incredible amount of money. I am thrilled for them with no regrets. The conventional prescription for success in network marketing just isn’t attractive to me. I love what I do through my business and I don’t want my coaching tainted with seeing clients as potential business partners for a network marketing company just as much as I don’t want my coaching undermined by having to push an upsell or the next program so I can make a living being paid by the hour. But what if there was a way for me to make residual income, be part of a supportive business community and provide my purest and truest form of service? Why not, let’s unpack why we think we can’t have it all and more. And so we created Raindrop Incorporated.


Why Multi-Level Marketing? 

Much has been written to explain Multi-Level Marketing and why these distribution models make sense and make money for the people enrolled.

A few basic facts:

  • MLMs eliminate the added costs of middle men (advertisers, distributors, retailers) in a typical retail model. Product goes direct to consumer.
  • MLMs pass on these savings to the purchaser in volume incentives and when a consumer uses her network to sell more products her efforts are further rewarded.
  • These incentives multiply exponentially as your enrollees enroll others and so on.
  • Ultimately your payout is based on the volume of product moved within your network and the incentive structure employed by the MLM company.
  • 100,000 people per week join a MLM company. Current members = 91.5 M members.
  • June 2012 $30B - worth of products and services in US, $154B worldwide. 66% report 10 hours or less per week investment.

Why dōTERRA?

Because we LOVE the products. I have used them for over 9 years and Kristin, B and Kim have used them over 2 years without actively participating in the incentive plan. The Power of 3 program and payout structure is perhaps their greatest product. We want you to see for yourself how you can infuse your businesses and lifestyle with positive cash flow.

  • We aren't the only ones who love dōTERRA's products. dōTERRA has a 68% retention rate, meaning 68% of all customers reorder, continue to share dōTERRA products, or build dōTERRA businesses. This means a lot when the direct selling industry average nears a 10% retention rate.
  • Founded in 2008, dōTERRA is the world's largest essential oil company. As of 2015, it is reported that the company was generating over $1 billion, and now reports more than $1.5 billion in annual sales.
  • As of 2017, dōTERRA reported having approximately 1,650 corporate employees and over 3 million Wellness Advocates across 100 countries.

!WARNING - we can't do this alone!

Learn more about Why dōTERRA and WHY Raindrop is NOT ABOUT dōTERRA!

Why Raindrop Incorporated?

Raindrop Incorporated is a targeted Multi-Level Marketing strategy that optimizes the unique payout incentives offered by dōTERRA.

  • It is simple and duplicatable.
  • Everyone understands and supports their fellow members to maintain the optimum payout integrity of the strategy and network.
  • Everyone commits to the same requirements and freely teaches what they know and love. We are free!
  • Consider in just 10 years, the platform Udemy, an American online learning platform aimed at professional adults and students, had more than 50 million students and 57,000 instructors teaching courses in over 65 languages with over 295 million course enrollments. Where will Raindrop Incorporated be in 10 years? Where will you be?
  • Marry dōTERRA's products and retention rate with an innovative and supportive online teaching platform who's members value truth, love and freedom as an added bonus, for the same behavior, we truly will lift the world to a higher agreement so that we can realize ourselves in a new way.

Sure, you can do it differently, but the key to success is to pick a strategy, commit to it, stick with it, and infuse your business and lifestyle with an incredible amount of cash flow, time and freedom.

How does this work? 

By agreeing to trust, receive and create from abundance, we are a self-sustaining business community where committed people can mutually invest in and support each other’s inspirations.

By maximizing our business opportunity through dōTERRA’s expertise, superior product lines and distribution model, we discover both personal and financial freedom.

What would you do with your business if you didn’t have to worry about finances?

  • Work less hours?
  • Expand in a fun and easeful way?
  • Work with only your favorite and ideal clients?
  • Create only the products you love the most?
  • Make a positive impact in the world?
  • Enrich the lives of others and align your business to serve the interests of ALL major stakeholders—customers, employees, investors, communities, suppliers, and the environment?
  • Take a year “off” and only do those things that inspire you and bring you joy.

What would you do in your family if you didn’t have to worry about finances?

  • Hire someone who loves to do the things you don’t? Bring those projects to the “front burner”?
  • Take a real family vacation?
  • Enjoy life in the moment?
  • Release weight? Indulge in selfcare?
  • Help improve the lives of other families through dōTERRA’s Healing Hands Foundation and inspire healing, hope, and self-reliance throughout the world?
  • Only do those things that inspire you and bring you joy.
  • Choose to never “work” again.

#RaindropIsMe     #SelfcareIsMyWork     #IamFree

The system MUST be duplicatable to work!

I followed each network marketing company’s prescribed system religiously. Immediately, I felt myself shrinking because I did not realize that through this agreement I was losing my identity and giving over my authority to the company. Swag - decals on the car, the whole look, I did it and it felt gross.

I know who I am, I know what I am and how I serve...and my identity is in that, not in my association with an organization or industry. My need to belong will never again come at the cost of my authenticity.

So, I would be out of integrity with my genius to ask you to give your power or authority away to an entity.

This is all about you - HOW you do your business is designed by YOU, through YOU and unique to YOU.

Keep in mind we have a gift for helping people remember who they are, so they can achieve life fulfillment.

Raindrop Inc will allow you the freedom to be the proprietor of your gift and not a slave to your business.

Requirements for Raindrop Incorporated Partnership:

Know who you are! Are you a Raindrop Artist, Investor or Member?

Raindrop Artist

A Raindrop Artist is an entrepreneurial-minded person, business owner or service provider looking for alternative financial gain for his/her personal or business’s well-being and success. Raindrop Artists enroll with dōTERRA as a Wellness Advocates for $35 and make a one-time purchase of a dōTERRA Fast Track Qualifying Enrollment Kit of your choice, we suggest the Natural Solutions Kit.

Artists need to maintain a minimum purchase of dōTERRA products each month. In dōTERRA terms, this means signing up for the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) where you can earn up to 30% of your purchase back in points that can be redeemed for free product. To earn a commission, Artists required a monthly minimum of 100 personal volume (PV). PV is the point value of products purchased by a Wellness Advocate in one calendar month.

When your PV reaches 125 on your Loyalty Rewards order, the product of the month will be automatically added onto your LRP order at no charge. The product of the month can be earned only once a month on the Loyalty Rewards Program by placing an order of 125 PV or more between the first and fifteenth of the month. The cost of 100-125 PV is typically $120-150.

This volume can be:

  • Consumed by you and your family in purchasing dōTERRA's high quality essential oils or essential oil-based products. A perfect addition to your healthy living lifestyle.
  • Products purchased with LRP points are not for resale, but they can be added as a gift with purchase to any of your business’s products or services.
  • Used to purchase dōTERRA Emergency Relief Hygiene Kit 4-Pack as a tax-deductible donation. 

To fully maximize the dōTERRA  payout structure, Artists need to enroll at least 6 (but financial freedom can be realized with only 3 enrollments) new like-minded artists who, like they, recognize the potential benefits of this opportunity. This is the basis to the successful execution of Raindrop Inc's strategy which is maximized to the dōTERRA incentive structure.

The heart of a Raindrop Artist's requirements is to share what they love and how they serve with the Raindrop Community through meaningful conversations, support and creative and educational training courses. 

Because we all recognize the importance of successfully executing these commitments, Raindrop Inc provides a complete platform and support network with services and information. We are here for you and realizes the importance of your success. As an Artist you will be supported in realizing your Raindrop Inc commitments, and in return you will need to support your enrollees and other members in meeting their commitments in an easeful way. Raindrop Inc is you -- see it ripple. 

Raindrop Investor

Raindrop Investors are living the lifestyle they desire and commit to providing energy, inspiration, and enthusiasm to Raindrop Artists, as they understand the inspiration behind Raindrop Inc is to show creative people and service-based business owners an alternative way to experience financial gain for his/her well-being and success while she offers her purest and truest form of service. A Raindrop Investor is a wholesale customer who is inspired to change his or her life and the lives of those she/he loves with dōTERRA’s CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils and products. Through the monthly purchase of dōTERRA’s products for their own personal use, Raindrop Investor's are the "bread and butter" of our community. In return they have full access to the Raindrop Community and an option to earn 10%-30% of his/her purchase back in free product. Investors do not earn bonuses or compensation with dōTERRA.

Raindrop Member

Raindrop Members are thriving in the way they work and are here because they love the education, connection, support and elevated conversations that the Raindrop Community offers. Raindrop members pay a $49 monthly membership fee and are not affiliated with dōTERRA. 100% of membership fees go toward qualifying scholarships for newly enrolling artists to help pay for their enrollment kits.

Pyramid or “V”? A shift in perspective.

Traveling Companions - by Madisyn Taylor

Like birds flying in a “V,” when we feel the presence of others moving along side of us, there is little we cannot accomplish. Magnificent is the inspiring sight of birds migrating, progressing steadily across the horizon in a solid V formation that is a singular pattern too unique to be mere chance.
Pushing steadily forward, this aerodynamic V reduces air resistance for the whole flock. With wings moving in harmony, the feathered group continues its course across the sky, covering more ground together in community than as individuals.
May all of us feel empowered to take on daring challenges as we chart adventurous courses. Feel the strength of others moving alongside you, as their presence lends power to your wings during this journey across the sky of life. All of us move faster when we move together. Let your ego drop earthwards as we all soar ever higher.

Join Us

Raindrop's Commitment to You:

Raindrop  Incorporated is an idea. It’s the raindrop that nourishes the flower to bloom. The idea is that we are all seeking full expression through what we love to do and through this belief we will prosper and feel worthy in whatever form that takes. The concept of Raindrop Inc is grounded in providing a community where people feel safe and supported to shed self-limiting beliefs, and to do things in a new way -- in a new easeful, unapologetic way.

Raindrop Inc recognizes that people thrive when they release fear; when they turn anxiety into exhilaration, weakness into strength, and thinking into knowing. Raindrop Inc is a place to thrive, to pursue and to celebrate.

We don’t know what exhilarates you, what your strengths are or what you would do if you knew. But by providing a minimum framework, a place to partner and support and a means for financial prosperity, you will be empowered to discover this for yourself. Raindrop Inc is here to provide a place to build each other up. You are responsible for your own level of success. Your sponsor and the entire community is committed to supporting you. Raindrop Inc maintains ideals of the structure and enables success with a minimal effort. Everyone has equal investment and accountability. It doesn’t have to be hard.

Our core principles and that to which we all commit are here:

  • Act from abundance – assume that you do not lack and that nothing you need is in short supply then ACT.
  • Be generous – when you act from abundance, you can’t help but discover untapped generosity. When there is abundance, it’s natural to share.
  • Act BIG – honor your commitments, be real and, most importantly, if it is getting hard or you are feeling vulnerable REACH OUT, don’t withdraw, avoid or shrink.
  • Honor your passion – Raindrop Inc is here to help you pursue your passion whatever it is. No judgment and no apologies. We do not rank or shame each other’s inspirations. All are equally worthy. Just commit to be open to what you KNOW and feel is right for you.

dōTERRA’s Commitment to you:

dōTERRA International, LLC is committed to providing you the highest quality, purest essential oils in the world. In addition to supplying the highest quality essential oils, dōTERRA is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of farmers, harvesters, and distillers around the world who contribute to dōTERRA’s oil production. At the core of dōTERRA is the desire and drive to help others help themselves. We resonate with this agreement and want to help you achieve all that you desire by infusing dōTERRA’s generous compensation plan into your business. It’s a proven vehicle to create powerful, lasting residual income while incentivizing synergy and collaboration.

dōTERRA’s Compenstaion Bonuses Defined:

* Numbers displayed are 2016 annual averages. Personal earnings may be less.
See Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure summary at > Our Advocates > Flyers

Optimization of a generous and proven compensation plan translates into accelerated expression and business expansion!

What we also know - at this rate of acceleration -- vulnerability is high, old beliefs and agreements will tighten their grip and create doubt. This is the time you will need to reach out, regroup, reclaim and revive.

Very little in life proceeds as planned. Be open to the possibilities and wonder of detours. You never know who you might meet who will change your life or whose life you will change in return.

Allow yourself to be supported by reclaiming the Raindrop Incorporated principles. Your sponsors and community members have likely experienced similar challenges and can provide support for your success. Act BIG from your knowing and resolution will be available.

Commit, enroll, share, learn, expand, shift and LIVE and LOVE!
You are free. You are free. You are free. Feel it now.

You are trustworthy. Trust yourself to know if Raindrop Inc is right for you. 

Intuition is one of the more maligned words in our lexicon. Intuition is not a psychic ability to foretell the future but an awareness of the totality of information that surrounds us. One of the great wonders of life is how we, as sentient beings, collect and process information. All of us are acutely aware of our physical senses – taste, touch, smell, sound and vision-- and can functionally process this info with our intellect. This is pretty basic and fundamental to our existence. We can then add body feelings, emotions, memories, energy, love, shadow and vibes as more sources of input that are less conspicuous. There are also more ways of processing this information than just using our minds. We can process information with our bodies, with our hearts and our souls. Most likely there are a whole host of other inputs and processors of which we are still unaware.

We invite you to “get out of your head” and interpret information using more systems than just your intellectual mind. This may be hard at first and may be a little uncomfortable. We don’t want you to abandon your intellect just move it aside long enough to get in touch with the output from other systems. Don’t make it hard.

What does your body say?     What does your heart say?     What does your divine knowing say?

Imagine Raindrop Inc to be a jacket. Try it on. Fully. Zip it up. How does it feel? Is the arm length good? Is it roomy in the shoulders, do you feel the stretch? Is it so comfortable you don’t want to take it off? Or is it too tight? Is it scratchy like wool or soft like your worn-out favorite t-shirt? If you feel constricted in your body, then the answer is simple: This is not for you. But if every cell, or even a couple, are firing in your body -- screaming YES, even if the unknown feels scary, this is your answer: YES!

Feel the freedom!

We are here.

Try on a BMB DIY Exercise - BODY TALK - An exercises to get you comfortable with your intuition and the presence of your own knowing.

is a partnership between BodyMindBusiness, Dame Ranch Designs, dōTERRA, a network of inspired, supportive, wholehearted, uniquely autonomous investors and YOU if you choose.  

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