Become an Investor and feed an Artist


Whereas a new Raindrop Inc Investor (whom will be referred to as Investor) wishes to join Raindrop Incorporated (RI), a soulicious community of artists and investors serving each other through selfcare and authentic expression.

Whereas a current Artist of RI (hereby represented by Sponsor) is inspired to create a course in the learning platform of Raindrop Inc in exchange for Investor’s monthly purchase of dōTERRA products.

This Understanding is intended to remind, reinforce and align RI Investors to the common purpose and commitment each has made to support one another and enable the possibility of reclaiming ourselves for the benefit of all who are involved. This Understanding is not legally binding.

Claim of Understanding

On the day that "Investor" enrolls with a RI Artist (“Sponsor”) they enter into a Claim of Understanding (“Understanding”) and agree to the terms of the Understanding as outlined below.


1.1. I, Investor, acknowledges I am whole, well and resourceful. I know who I am, I know what I am, and I know how I serve.

1.2. Sponsor acknowledges Investor as whole well and resourceful. We know who Investor is, what she(he) is and how she(he) serves.

1.3. Both parties agree to honor the truths in sections 1.1 and 1.2 of this claim and commit to be fully present, engaged, open and in alignment with truth during all communications for the highest good of both parties.  


2.1. Sponsor and Investor acknowledge that they are participating in a Multi-Level Marketing (Network Marketing) business model administered by an independent company dōTERRA International (dōTERRA  

2.2. Sponsor and Investor agree to comply with all terms and conditions and retain active enrollment and good standing with the MLM agent dōTERRA International ( 

2.3. Sponsor and Investor acknowledge that this document does not create an official or binding affiliation with dōTERRA International.


3.1. Investor acknowledges that they WILL NOT receive bonuses or compensation from dōTERRA.   

3.2. Investor understands they are committing to using dōTERRA products for their health and want to purchase at wholesale pricing.

3.3. Investor agrees to:

(i) Enroll as a Wholesale Customer ($35) and remain in good standing with dōTERRA.

(ii) Honor the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) -- sign up for at least 50 PV (personal volume) each month. PV is the point value of products purchased by a dōTERRA Customer in one calendar month. The cost of 50 PV is typically $50-$75. To start earning Loyalty Reward Points (10–30% of orders back in points redeemable for free product), and to avoid unintentionally forfeiting your Loyalty Reward Points in the future, it is important you set up your monthly LRP immediately and that it is maintained in the system for the duration.

3.4. At any time, Investor finds it is not in her/his best interest or ability to participate fully or finds him/herself in a place of struggle, he/she agrees to contact Sponsor as soon as possible and seek support, help or dissolution. 

3.5. Investor agrees to uphold the highest integrity available to him/her in all RI interactions. 

3.6. Investor agrees to support her/himself in achieving a healthy lifestyle and recognizes the potential dōTERRA products may provide as a component to his/her own selfcare program. 


4.1. Sponsor affirms Investor's commitment and investment and will endeavor to support or assist Investor in fulfilling his/her commitments for the highest good and benefit of all. 

4.2. Sponsor recognizes that the most insolvent, hopeless and untenable situations can be your greatest teacher and a source of the most impactful success stories. Sponsor commits to approach all obstacles and challenges in a solution-oriented manner reinforcing RI’s commitment to success, well-being and prosperity through truth, abundance and caring. 


5.1 Investor can choose to terminate affiliation with RI at any time.

5.2 This Understanding will be terminated upon termination of Investor's dōTERRA monthly LRP or membership.

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