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Meet Raindrop Incorporated --

a unique and powerful business partnership and community.

Like a raindrop, the expression of our passions, purpose and talents ripple through the universe touching others in ways we never expected. Raindrop Incorporated is a business and lifestyle support community to help others find the financial freedom to pursue their dreams.

While all passions and talents are brilliant, not all of them can nor should pay the bills. Learn how to infuse an optimized multi-level marketing business into your projects or business and release the agreement that it has to be hard to make ends meet. As you infuse your purpose, you will also invest in  and support others in their journey towards life fulfillment. Participate in lifting the energy and inspiration of the whole community and beyond.

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Meet the Co-Creators


Kristin Yetter

I am here.

As I cross over the modest age of 50, I find that I am no longer looking towards the rest of my life but, rather, contemplating the end of my life. This transition snuck up on me and with it came a flood of memories -- mostly the bad, embarrassing ones. I wonder why I rarely recall the "good times" although I know there were plenty. Am I alone in this experience of my past and how does it serve me to remember in this way?

A couple things come to mind: self-love, worthiness, personal authority, to name a few. These are experiences that were elusive to me in the first half of my life and distort how and what I remember. Perhaps this ugly state of being offers me an incentive to question what I have known, what I have agreed to and believed and compels me to move beyond history to something new. Like any good student of consciousness, I am contemplating why I am here and I am fairly certain that my existence is not the sum total of what I remember.

I am not a rule breaker but I am a rebel. I am cautious but I am not afraid. I am rarely worthy but I am enough. I give away my authority but I stand firm. I am skeptical but I am optimistic. I do not love who I was but I am willing to love who I am. Wrestling with the paradoxes of life is humbling but at the same time liberating. I can be all of these things and more.

I have co-created Raindrop to support a new way of being. I am inviting you to join in if it resonates with you and begin to unpack and question limiting beliefs and agreements that have defined who we should be and what we should do at the expense of who we truly are and what we are inspired to do. I am curious to see how this journey unfolds and how truth will be revealed as I begin to know self-love, worthiness and power.




Debra Jones

I am love.

It's not a warm and fuzzy sort of love, although it can be, but rather it is fierce and passionate, yet spacious. Expansive. I do not love at the cost of my own self love, because that would not be love in its purest, surrendered form. 

I spent my first half of life, I am 53, with an underlying current of a question, "Do I matter?". I am stepping into my power and shifting that question to the claim: "I came to matter." I do matter. You matter. Yet nothing we "do" really matters. At least I am finding not ONE single thing matters. We matter as beings. It is not what we do, but who we are and as we realize who and what we are, our service is simply that: to be who you are and "do" from that place. Allowing Life to breathe through you. I love that feeling. This is Living. 

To live our artistry is to dare to Live. We dare to live "off the menu" and at the cost of what we have known. We choose to fully integrate in all ways. This has been a bit of a bumpy ride for me but I am committed to find what it feels like to fully integrate. We receive life head-on and know gratitude for all the things that "fail fast". We claim that which is required for our highest good and the highest good of those we serve. We release the need to struggle and when we find ourselves struggling, we remind ourselves that "struggle" is chosen; it is not required. And in this knowing we realize how powerful we are in our creations and release our collective and individual agreement to strive and return to find heartfelt joy. 

We only seek those who seek us. We don't need you as we are complete in who we are and you don’t need to join us as you have everything in side of you to go about your journey. But if you feel inspired by us, we invite you to lean in. Enter. Sit by our fire. As we seek true, interdependent partnership - co-creative energy because we like that feeling. The feeling of zinginess and high-fives as we see a new color or a new perspective, smell a new fragrance and hear a new song that draws us further into the unknown and unfolding of infinite possibilities.

My Song

I know who I am in truth and I am unafraid.

I know what I am in truth and I am in form claiming a new way of being and a new world into manifestation.

I know how I serve in truth and I am willing to lead.


 - the Guides through Paul Selig
Yes, I want to sing my song!